BQEYZ Spring 2: The Magnificent Tonal Assassin

 Hello mates and welcome to my another IEM review. As I said before there are few audio companies in China that I really admire and highly-regarded, And BQEYZ is one of them. BQEYZ instantly stole my heart and became an instant fan on their products due to their dedication to offer a premium quality product at the fraction of its price compare to other well-known established audio companies. Their resurgent KC2 is the testament of their excellence on why there are many audio enthusiasts still love its tuning despite it is already an old model and yet it continues to gain popularity even to the saturated and stiff competition on current audio market. And now they offer an IEM that elevate them to the next level with fine craftsmanship and elegant tuning. I'm so honoured to present to you their latest flagship IEM , The Spring 2. The Spring 2 is a follow-up successor of Spring 1 ( I hope that I could review one someday) that promise more better fitting ergonomics and more balanced tuning. Even the Spring 1 was already a critically acclaimed among the audio enthusiast community and still BQEYZ wanted to improve it even further.

The Spring 2 is tri-hybrid set-up which you can only find it on more expensive top of the line range like from RHA and Noble.  Its tri-hybrid is consist of a 13mm dynamic driver, their own custom-built balanced armature and the new improved 9-layer piezoelectric driver (Spring 1 has 7-layers). BQEYZ promises that this innovative set-up will works cohesively to offer the best possible audio quality for better listening experience. The price of this IEM is setting around at US$ 170.

  The BQEYZ Spring 2 has one of the most attractive packaging box in its price segment. It has a medium-size blue green coloured with simple but elegant BQEYZ Spring 2 print on front and the information its specification at the back. 

The contents inside has a lot of accessories as it is very sufficient enough to the ones who purchased. It consists of the IEM itself, a gorgeous and substantial 2-pin 4-core litz copper cable, a metal eartips organizer plate with 6 pairs of eartips on different size, a pair of memory foam tips, a nozzle cleaner, a velcro cable organizer, a hard shell IEM case  and some paperworks such as warranty card and instruction manuals. Those included accessories inside are usually found midrange to top-of-the-line IEMs and I really applauded BQEYZ on letting their customer to feel the best unboxing experience.

The IEM itself is a high quality piece of equipment, It has this feeling that its a work of an intricate artisan as it has an original design and appealing look.The shell is made from CNC machined aluminium and its nozzle is made of  brass that these materials are really durable and rigid that will be use for a long time. It has reddish copper accent and a very fine laser printed word `Spring 2´ and `BQEYZ´ that adds its style to look even more premium. It has D-shaped contour that offers comfort and fitting to most ear sizes as it really fits well to me and but it has only an average isolation from external noise. It has a classic 2-pin connector which I really like as it provide better longevity and well-tested implementation. The included eartips has a specific functionality like the reference tips are for wider stage and open sounding but less isolation and the atmospheric for better sealing isolation and improvement on the bass region. The included stock cable itself is soft, supple and very classy.

The tonality of this IEM is tuned on more balanced sounding, a punchy bass with slight emphasis on mids and treble.


The bass quality is just an adequate just to hear the balanced texture between the sub bass and the midbass. It has an average speed, tight sounding , punchy that delivers a good hit and kick, It can be deliver an impactful sound on some tracks if there is a present amount of bass in the mix. The sub bass has a decent dig on depths as it presence of rumbling is sufficient. The mid bass is just on that average texture at least it doesn't do some bass bleeds, The bass guitar, the double bass and the bass drum sounds natural and pleasant. Basshead will find this kind of bass as somewhat lacking of cogency and uninspired on their hearing perception.


This is the star of the show and this is the part on what I really very impressed and elated on its mids quality. The mids here are well-textured, it has a broad density on it. It has superb resolution on how it portray the details on the articulate and coherency of vocal quality on both male and female. The instruments here sounds organic and well-detailed as you will feel the fervent strikes of the percussions, the crunchy and rich sound of the strings especially on the guitars, either lead, rhythm or acoustic ones. The blowing instruments will also greatly benefited as it shows its intricacy of the different timbre resonance  from brass to fife. Midcentrics like me will be keep smiling gleefully as we enjoy this kind of resolving and clean delivery on this one.


The treble is also the strength of Spring 2. Its tonality is on the bright side. The sibilance is very minimal to none as I keep testing them for tolerance level if it present (it's still depends on the tracks). It is spectacularly resolving one, good clarity by revealing the micro details and shimmery as it has a well-extended sparkle and have a pretty damn good of airiness on the brilliance region. The sound of cymbals, hats and chimes sounds intensively and lively as it is really portray a realistic and life-like sounding to me. This possibly the wonders of the delivery audio of piezoelectric. Extremely treble sensitives might perceive the treble quality as piercing and less tolerable.


The soundstage of this one is wide, good height and depth as you will feel it that you are in a medium-size concert hall, It has a superb layering and quite holographic to me. The imaging is astounding as I accurately located the panning positioning and spacing on each instruments as I'm increasing my spatial awareness a.k.a. critical listening. The spacing and separation of instruments have good spacing and well-defined. Complex multi - instrumental tracks are impressively well-presented and lucid as this is one of best technical attributes of this IEM.

As I use the Spring 2 for few days and tested in a manner on how I utilized it. Like how I observe on it, It has a duality of a well-tuned IEM, It can be musical that can be enjoy on long casual listening session and at the same time it can be analytical due to superb clinical technicalities on it. It is just marvelous on how an under US$ 200 IEM deliver such an exceptional and almost deliver a balanced audiophile sound that usually found only on midranges and top on the line IEMs from premium audio brands. This IEM is really a marksman as it precisely hit my tender spot on audio preference. I would highly recommended it for those audio enthusiast that are looking for a balanced and "reference" tuning IEM. I am keen to observe on what are the next offering and surprises from BQEYZ. Suprise us even further and give us the unexpected outcome from it.


- One of the best sounding IEM in under $200 price range.

- Balanced and natural sounding as it shows its versatility and flexibility to all genres that I played with.

- Exquisite premium build quality

-Best midcentric IEM on its class with lesser compromise on other range of audio spectrum.

-Excellent retrieval on micro-details.

-Good airy treble.

- Sufficient accesories inside the packaging box.

- Gorgeous 4-core thick Litz  premium cable.

-  Good values on its technicalities.

- Easy to drive on devices with decent Hi-Fi DACs.


- Bass is just of an average quality.

- Acutely treble sensitives might find it as too sharp and a little bit harsh on their liking as it is bright one due to airy and exceedingly detail capabilities of Piezoelectric drivers.

- There are some competitors in current throng audio market on its price range that might offer even better technicalities.(This is indeed a subjective choice for everybody as everyone has their own preferences on technicalities.)

- Average fitting that doesn't isolate well from external noise.


I would like thank BQEYZ especially to Ms. Elle Zhou for providing and giving me a good reasonable discount on this such a wonderful product.

Here is the link of their online store in Aliexpress:


  1. - There are some competitors in current throng audio market on its price range that might offer even better technicalities......... make the Names!

    1. The Old guards TenHZ P4 pro, they are slightly have refined treble, Toneking T4 which is more technical sounding, Moondrop Kanas pro is a smoother one almost comparable to HD600. Tanchjim Oxygen has good feedback and I'm looking towards on QOA Adonis, I have gut feeling that it has a more even refine tuning. Well those are my subjective hearing perception it still depends on your tonal taste. But Spring 2 is most versatile set in my inventory.

  2. Very comprehensive! This is the best reference iem in my opinion. So transparent if you use it for video or audio editing, you can actually determine the output since it's not coloured at all. In video post processing it's considered as flatly coloured.

    1. Agree, I listen this one for few days, I just observe its technicalities that it can be for analytical listening. This is indeed has that "audiophiliac" treble.


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